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How Much Does Carpal Tunnel Treatment Cost?

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  • Without health insurance, non-surgical treatment of carpal tunnel typically costs about $300 or less. A doctor visit would cost $200 or less, and a splint or brace costs about $20 to $40. The splint is more to be used for sleep at night. Difficult to wear these during the day for daily activities.
  • Without health insurance, surgical and rehabilitation of carpal tunnel would cost about $7,000 or more per hand -- or $14,000 or more for both hands. For example, out-of-pocket cost of carpal tunnel release surgery for one hand would cost $6,928, including the hospital facility fees and the doctor fees, with an uninsured discount.  Rehabilitation generally range’s from six weeks to three months Scar tissue formation during recovery from surgery is unpredictable and sometimes results in less space in this narrow anatomical passage of the wrist after the carpal tunnel surgical procedure.
  • Health insurance typically covers carpal tunnel treatment, including surgery for severe cases when conservative treatments have failed. With insurance, typical expenses would include a doctor visit co-pay of $10 to $30 or more and, for surgical treatment, coinsurance of 30 percent or more that could reach $1,000+

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